The Tactic of Gaslighting

The term gaslighting was adopted from a 1944 film where a man slowly manipulates his new wife into believing she is going mad. In the movie, the couple married after a 2 week ‘world-win romance’ and the husband, jealous and accusatory, then moves his new bride away from family and friends thereby isolating her and … Read More

Meet Through These Doors Youth Educators!

With kids home for the summer, don’t forget about our great resource @TTDTeen! It is run by our youth educators, Caroline, Emily, and Henry. The account encourages youth to empower themselves and others, build healthy relationship skills, stand up to dating violence, and share their voices! To learn more about TTD’s youth education program and … Read More

State of Maine Governor Mills bill to help protect children from domestic violence

From AUGUSTA – On Wednesday, June 23, Gov. Janet Mills signed into law a bill from Sen. Bill Diamond, D-Windham. An amended version of LD 1408, “An Act To Increase the Protection of Children from Domestic Abuse and Violence,” increases training for guardians ad litem to better protect children from domestic violence. “The recent … Read More

City of Portland Shelter Moratorium

Through These Doors, Cumberland County’s domestic violence resource center reviewed the City of Portland’s “Order Establishing a 180-day Moratorium for Emergency Shelters in the Bayside Neighborhood” with disappointment and indignation. The Moratorium States: “The City of Portland’s homeless population has higher rates than the general public of individuals with lower socioeconomic status, racial minorities, those … Read More

Maine’s Domestic Abuse Homicide Review Panel Report

On April 28th, Through These Doors’ Executive Director Rebecca Hobbs joined Maine’s Domestic Abuse Homicide Review Panel. At a virtual press event, they presented the panel’s 13th Biennial Report. This year’s report includes a 20-year lookback at domestic abuse homicide in Maine, identifying areas of progress and work still to be done. Maine Coalition to … Read More

A Different Choice

Shining a light on Through These Doors’ Certified Batterers Intervention Program, A Different Choice. — A Different Choice provides weekly educational classes where men who batter are given the opportunity to examine and change the beliefs they hold that allow them to be violent or controlling of their partners. — Maine’s certified batterer’s programs are … Read More

Helping Immigrant Victims & Survivors of Abuse

The effects of Intimate Partner Violence (IPV) on immigrant victims can be magnified due to fear of seeking assistance and cultural differences. Some immigrants have fled difficult situations in their home countries. Others have been drawn to the United States by economic opportunities or other family members. The process of immigration can often be a difficult, … Read More

Remembering Lt. Tom Keller

Lt. Tom Keller, retired from the Portland Police Dept., was one of the first police officers in the State of Maine, even the nation, to work alongside domestic violence advocates to create safe spaces for victims and survivors of domestic violence. In the story of Family Crisis Services’ Shelter, Tom said of the early days … Read More

Fall 2020 Matching Campaign Results

Through These Doors is excited to announce that we raised $75,000 from our Fall 2020 Matching Campaign! In October, we asked for our community’s support in meeting the needs of domestic violence survivors. They heard our ask and responded in a way we could not have imagined. By the end of December, we hoped to … Read More

Thank You for Your Support in 2020!

Thank you to everyone who donated to Through These Doors in 2020! Generosity isn’t about how much you give. It’s about why you give. We are so grateful for all of your support! Here are some ways your 2020 donations supported survivors: 7,783 Helpline Calls Taken 5,854 Nights in Emergency Shelter 954 People Helped in … Read More

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Innovative & Responsive Organization working to End Domestic Violence in Cumberland County Maine

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Innovative & Responsive Organization working to End Domestic Violence in Cumberland County Maine

24 Hour Helpline Donate Now
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