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Founded in 1977, Through These Doors (TTD) is the domestic violence resource center serving victims and survivors of domestic abuse, dating violence, and stalking in Cumberland County, Maine. When we opened the doors to our first shelter in 1977, there were already women waiting on the doorstep.

Our original name was Family Crisis Shelter. Emergency shelters were our most critical service in those days as there were few other options for people who were not safe in their homes. We later changed our name to Family Crisis Services, to encompass the wide array of services and programs that we were providing at that time. In March 2018, we changed our name again. This time to Through These Doors.

This name demonstrates the many ways that we are available to survivors including our helpline, outreach offices, shelter, and other locations and methods. The name indicates a sense of hope and promise for a life free of abuse. Most of the people who use our services go on to better lives with greater safety and autonomy. We want those reaching out for help to feel that sense of future possibility.

TTD provides safe and accessible services to all people affected by domestic violence regardless of race, ethnicity, disability, sexual orientation, gender, age, primary language spoken, or immigration status. Our core service is our free, confidential, anonymous 24-hour helpline to people living in or leaving abusive relationships, struggling with a former partner, and concerned friends, family members, neighbors, etc.

We operate an emergency shelter for people fleeing abuse and violence, transitional services, support and education groups, and safety planning, advocacy, support, and assistance with legal matters, including Protection from Abuse Orders. We offer specialized support services on issues as elder abuse and human trafficking. We work in the systems of child protective services and local jails and prisons. We engage in consultation and case assessment with all law enforcement agencies in Cumberland County.

In an effort to prevent future violence, we provide extensive community education, consultation, training, and systems change advocacy to the general public and to youth through our Young Adult Abuse Prevention Program. TTD operates the batterer’s intervention program in Cumberland County, Maine called A Different Choice.

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Innovative & Responsive Organization working to End Domestic Violence in Cumberland County Maine

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Innovative & Responsive Organization working to End Domestic Violence in Cumberland County Maine

24 Hour Helpline Donate Now
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