Wondering about employment at TTD?

A job can be so much more than a way to earn money. Many people are considering a different path, engaging in a new adventure, and seeking work that is meaningful to them. If that is you, consider learning about the work of TTD and joining us, as an employee, volunteer, donor, or other type of supporter.

Like most organizations right now, TTD is hiring. We want to provide job seekers with a sense of what it is like to work at TTD, so we asked our current employees, as they are in the best position to share the realities of working at TTD. Below are their answers to the question: “What Does This Work Mean To You?” Responses are from administrators, advocates, educators; front line and leadership staff.

“It means I get to work in a field where my personal and professional values align.”

“Working in the DV (domestic violence) Movement has opened my eyes up to how fierce survivors are. It has given me the gift to walk beside women and young girls on their path to fierceness.”

“This work means bring support and safety to those in my community.”

“There is magic when numbers equal hope!”

“Supporting survivors in getting what should have been rightfully theirs to begin with brings me joy and nourishes my faith in a kinder world.”

“(I appreciate) lifting up people who live in my community, when they are experiencing violence and abuse, is what I am called to do. I believe everyone deserves peace and happiness in their lives and strive to always support the means to those ends.”

“It is a privilege to walk beside survivors here, to offer shelter and a safe place to rebuild their lives. They come to us so strong. You must be strong to be a survivor. I love having the ability to say ‘I got you, go ahead and rest for a minute.’ ”

“I love working in an environment where feminist ideals are played out day to day. I mean, how many jobs can you say that about!”

“(This work) allows me to walk my truth; it gives me the opportunity to make the world a safer place.”

“The work is ongoing, but the connections with survivors and impact make it so worthwhile.”

“It is such a privilege and an honor to be able to provide the time and space to victims and survivors. A survivor says to me today: ‘You paved my way with awareness.’ ”

“(I appreciate) being the voice, the wall, the rock, the ear for someone when they don’t have the strength to do it themselves.”

“I get to pay it forward – I have reclaimed what happened to me and now I can support others while they work to do the same.”

“I don’t just fight for social justice on the weekends and in my spare time – I get to do it during the work week too.”

“To me, this work means creating safe spaces and standing for accountability. In this work, even the smallest changes can make sizeable differences in the lives of survivors.”

To learn more about what it means to be part of the team at Through These Doors, check out our job openings now and coming up in 2022. See the ‘hiring’ section of our website, Maine Association of Nonprofits, and Indeed.com. As our employees have shared, the work is a challenge and the rewards are life-changing!

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Innovative & Responsive Organization working to End Domestic Violence in Cumberland County Maine

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Innovative & Responsive Organization working to End Domestic Violence in Cumberland County Maine

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